Whether you're new to church or just new to our church, you're probably wondering what our gatherings look like each Sunday. From your first visit to your 100th time with us, here's what you can expect from us every single week at Silver City:
We Sing Unto the Lord
We gather to sing songs worth singing. 
Martin Luther was fond of saying "Singing is the handmaiden to preaching." Whether we realize it or not, what we sing when gathered as God's people matters. Each song we sing is like a miniture sermon we take with us in song form. The doctrinal content of our songs matters and their origin matters. Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs rich in doctrine and dripping with grace. We want songs that would feel fitting on your wedding day or your dying day. We want songs that the gathered church will still be singing in 200 years if the Lord tarries, not shallow puddles of vain repetition but deep wells of substance. Expect to hear the voices of the congregation as one of the primary instruments. Expect to sing whole Psalms, great hymns, and some of new stuff!
We Preach the Bible
At Silver City, we echo the cry of the reformation: Sola Scriptura.
Rather than rely on human speculation, we aim to stand on the concrete cornerstone of divine revelation. So if you join us, we'll open the Bible, pick a book, and go through the enitrey of it, verse by verse, mining each precious ounce of wisdom from it one word at a time. Come open the Bible with us!
We Gather as Family
On Sundays at Silver City, you won't find a separate Jr. High, Sr. High, women's, men's, or otherwise affinity-organized service—and that's on purpose! When we gather for worship, we do so as family. Every Sunday we fight the urge to silo everyone off by age, gender, and favorite color, instead gathering together in one room—geriatric grandpas and tiny toddlers together.
So what about kids? They're noisy, We've heard. Yes, and the Lord Jesus seems to like it when they are allowed to come to him—so we’re ok with a little noise in the service. Bring your kids right into the corporate gathering with you. They are most welcome, and will be in good company. We often have meals directly after service and we have a breakfast bar each week, some come early and hungry!